Help & Support

Get all of your questions about Krooshl answered here.

How do I get started – as a business?

Krooshl makes accessing our platform as simple as possible. First, you will need to complete our
barrier-free self-assessment so we can better understand what criteria you meet and where
potential deficiencies are. Once your application has been adjudicated and approved our Client
Support staff will assist in getting your profile online while providing valuable on-boarding
material for best practices to help engagement.

How do I get started – as a user?

Our map is designed to ease the user experience. You can filter by location type and by City if
you are planning on visiting outside your current geo-location. Locations can also differ by
certification type.

What are the certifications?

There are 4 levels of certification:

  1. Barrier-Free
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold

These certification levels are used to manage expectations around what accessibility features
are available. For more information on the certification levels please visit

What about data?

Data is essential in measuring effectiveness and providing meaning behind engagement.
Krooshl ensure that data generated can be used in a meaningful and accessible manner.

What venues are on Krooshl?

Currently Krooshl is only catering to the province of Alberta as we test our user experience. We
will be expanding soon so please check back for updates!

I am having an issue, who do I contact?

Feel free to contact with any questions, concerns, feedback or
general inquiries.