Add Your Venue

Open your doors to everyone!

Why add your venue to Krooshl?

Adding your venue to Krooshl gives you the confidence (and the platform) to market your space as accessible to the 25% of the population who require accommodations. These groups include people living with disabilities, seniors, and those who are temporarily injured.

Krooshl helps you create a relationship with people, their family, and friends. We introduce you through our map. They can preview your space to ensure it can adequately accommodate their diverse needs before purchasing tickets or booking a reservation.

Our Barrier-Free Assessment allows you to identify the areas in your location which are succeeding and areas requiring some work. Every submitted assessment receives a detailed custom report outlining the accessible features of the space and, if needed, provides the improvements needed and how to achieve them to get your space on the map.

How to add your venue

Get started

Have one of our approved “Accessibility Evaluators” perform the Barrier Free Assessment (approx. 30 mins) onsite at your location. The assessment is submitted for review, scoring, and designation.

If approved:
Instructions will be provided on how to add your venue onto the platform, as well as tips and tricks to help maximize the experience.

If not approved:
The areas needing improvement will be outlined to help you achieve your Barrier-Free designation.