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Many of us have gone out for food and drink only to find out the venue is not accessible (sometimes even if we called first). So we stay at home. We disconnect from existing friends and remove the opportunities to make new ones. Krooshl works to change this experience for People Living with Disabilities, their friends, and family.

Krooshl uses the international accessibility standards developed by Universal Access to identify businesses as accessible. Not a subjective star rating, but a clear, measurable, and repeatable set of standards.

Armed with this information, you can feel confident that the business you choose to visit can accommodate you or your loved ones needs and has taken steps to create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Krooshl.com for Users

As a user of Krooshl, you can preview a venue's physical location before visiting to get the information you require for an enjoyable visit. To feel included, and avoid the hassle of after-the-fact accommodations which are not fun for anyone.

You can also browse a venues upcoming events, register for tickets, or donate to causes you care about.

Krooshl.com for Venues + Not for Profit Partners

As a venue, once you are certified as barrier-free, your space is added to the Krooshl map.

Your Listing Includes:

  • Key images of your space

  • A highlight of the accessibility components you currently have

  • Web, social media and contact details

You will get dashboard login credentials where you can:

  • Edit your venue listing

  • Create event listings

  •  Manage ticketing, registration, and donation procurement

Have questions or want to get started? Email Krooshl@IncludedbyDesign.com

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